Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET) Selection Process and Eligibility Criteria

Indian Navy Entrance Test is the latest launch examination of the Indian Navy. Here in this article, I will share with you the complete details about the Indian navy entrance test (INET) Selection Process and Eligibility Criteria, etc.  The only candidate can apply for this who have passed class 12th with physics and mathematics. To get all the details regarding this entry. You must check out the complete blog below.

Indian Navy Entrance Test Eligibility Criteria 2020

In order to apply for INET Entry. Only graduates are eligible to apply for this. Here is the complete required eligibility criteria are listed below:

  • To apply for INET Entry, A Candidate must have an engineering degree B.Tech or BE from any recognized Institute or University.
  • The age limits a minimum of 19 to and maximum 24 years old.
  • There is no relaxation that has been given to any special caste or community.
  • The age limit and all other criteria will be completely the same for all.

This is the required eligibility Criteria which is mandatory to have to apply for INET Entry. Now let’s see the selection process of INET 2020.

INET Selection Process 2020

The Selection of the candidate through the INET will be done in three phases. One will need to clear the following exams:

It is mandatory to clear each phase of selection individually. The only candidate will be allowed to appear for SSB Interview who would clear the written Examination. Now let’s see the Written Exam Pattern and subjects that you have to prepare for the Written Examination of INET.

Indian Navy Entrance Test Written Exam Pattern

For the Written Exam of Indian Navy Entrance Test, A candidate will need to prepare four subjects which are:

  • English
  • Reasoning and Numerical ability.
  • General Science and Mathematical Reasoning.
  • General knowledge.

There are many books available in the market by which you can do the complete preparation for your exams. Most of the students prepare online. There are many online platforms where you can have your complete preparation for any competitive exam. Online platforms are very less expensive and you have time freedom but make sure to join the best online class. After the Written Exam, All the qualified candidates will proceed for SSB Interview. Let’s see the details of the SSB Interview in brief.

Indian Navy Entrance Test Entry SSB Interview

SSB stands for Service Selection Board. This is 5 days long interview and in these five days, you will be tested in a different manner.

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal intelligence test.
  • Physiological test.
  • Picture perception test.
  • Group discussion.
  • Personal interview.

This is known as India’s toughest interview at the 10+2 level. If you qualified Written Examination, you must prepare better for the SSB Interview. Most of the time students take it very lightly. You will need to prepare well if you want to clear your selection phase.

There are also some physical and medical requirements to appear for INET to apply for INET Examination. Make sure that you are fit to apply for the entry.

Medical Examination of INET Entry

Once you clear the Written Exam and SSB Interview, you will appear for a medical examination which is conducted at the military hospitals. And your complete body will be examined under the guidance of the military Doctors.

  • There is no relaxation in medical on any ground.
  • The minimum height of a male candidate must be 157cm and for females 152cm.
  • There is some relaxation that has been given to the candidate who belongs to any special region like Manipur, Hilly Areas, etc.
  • Your chest should be well developed. Minimum expansion 5cm.
  • A candidate must not suffer any kind of body disease.
  • You should be able to read 6/6 in distant vision charts.
  • Must have at least fourteen Dental Points.

Now let’s see the details about how to prepare for the INET (Indian Navy Entrance Test) Examination.

How to Prepare for INET Examination

This is one of the best entries to join the Indian Navy service as an officer after graduation. The Selection in the INET Entry is a bit tough as compared to CDS and other entries that are after graduation.  Here are a few tips to follow to start your preparation for the INET Examination. As you know, there are a total of four subjects that you need to prepare for the Written Examination.

  • Start your preparation with English. It is the easiest portion of the exam and you can tick the maximum correct answer in this particular section.
  • The second subject, I would choose, General Knowledge, This is subjects that can be prepared easily as compared to the rest of the subjects.
  • Then move to Mathematics and reasoning etc.
  • Solve the previous year’s papers every day.
  • Most of the books have sample paper after every chapter. You must solve that sample to get a better idea of solving questions.
  • Manage your time properly and try to attend maximum questions in the exam.
  • Make proper notes while studying so that you can revise at last.

Every student has their own study strategy. You must follow your own and prepare accordingly. Do not study over, Have proper rest between the studies and have the best study material for the preparation. Most of the students prefer to join the Coaching Institute but I would suggest, you can prepare yourself better. There are many online platforms, you can take help from there if you need it. Hope it was helpful and you get to know the Indian navy entrance test (INET) Entry Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process 2020.



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