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NDA SSB Interview 2023

There are many vacancies in the Indian Armed forces by which one can be part of the service. A Candidate can join the service as an officer, Soldier, Doctor, and Lawyer, etc. There are separate vacancies, Eligibility Criteria, and selection process for each job. All the candidates who want to become an officer in the Indian Armed forces they can apply for the ssbcrack NDA Entry. Those who have done class 12th with Physics and Mathematics and having age between the 16.5 years old to 19.5 years old. They are eligible to apply for NDA Exam.

To get selected in the National Defence Academy. One will have to clear the selection phase of this; A candidate will appear for the Written Examination which is conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and all the candidates who would clear this, will appear for the SSB Interview 2023 and then Medical examination. The SSBCrack is the toughest part of the selection.

For the Preparation of the Written Examination, there are many coaching institutes available that can give you proper education and training for this. Still, the SSB Interview, you will need to join the best Defence Academy that could trains you better for this. Let’s see the complete details about the Written Exam and SSB Interview.

NDA SSBCrack Written Exam Pattern:

The paper of NDA written Exam would be divided into two parts, and a candidate will be given individual time for each paper:

Part-I  In this paper, you will be given 120 questions of mathematics.

  • Max marks 300.
  • Time duration 2.5hrs
  • Negative marking 0.33 for each wrong answer.

Part-II In this paper, you will be given 50 questions of English and 100 questions from GS.

  • Max mars 600.
  • Time duration 2.5hrs
  • Negative marking 0.33 for each wrong answer

NOTE- Candidates will be given 45min  rest time between part I and part II paper.

SSB Interview Details:

After the written exam, you will be called for the SSB interview. You will get your call letter on your given email ID or by post.  The SSB Interview is a five days Interview, and in this Interview, You will be examined by the Examiner in different manners. A candidate will need to appear for the Different types of tests in these five days. Here are the complete SSB details about this.

5 Day SSB Interview

Day 1 of the SSB Interview

Day 1 of the SSB Interview will be reporting and other paper works etc. On the same day, you will appear for the Verbal and Non-verbal intelligence test. All the candidates who would pass in this, only they will stay in the academy for the next four days of the Interview, and the rest of the person will be sent back home.

Day 2 of the SSB Interview

Day 2 of the SSB Interview will be consisting of different types of tests.

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test

All the candidates will have to perform better in this all to SSB  Crack Interview. All the marks will be counted at last.

Day 3 of the SSB Interview

Day 3 of the SSB Interview is Group testing, and a candidate will have to perform group activity with the other candidates. On this day, One will appear for this following tests:

  • Group discussion
  • Group planning exercise
  • Progressive group task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group obstacle task

To prepare for this day, There are many books available in the market, that can give you better prepared for this. You can check books like SSBCrack and some other books etc.

Day 4 of the SSB Interview is a Personal Interview:

This is an important round for your selection in which they can ask any question from the subjects or your personal life. People usually hesitate and feel nervous about this round. Just be honest with yourself to clear this phase, and you do not have to prepare anything, be honest, and answer each question gently with a little bit smile on your face.

Day 5 of the SSB Interview is just a Conference:

You will see the list of the selected candidates and the officers will meet each candidate will tell them about their performances and mistakes they have done during the  SSBCrack Interview etc.

The SSB Interview a process by which the examiners judge the complete nature and ways of working and thinking of the candidates. It is hard to clear this Interview without proper preparation. To prepare better for the SSBCrack Interview, there are many coaching institutes and defense academy that are giving adequate training and education for this. Still, only a few are the best for this. You must find the best Institute that could give you proper preparation and make you eligible for SSBCrack Interview.  The NDA SSB Interview is not something where you will get to ask questions and questions. Here the Examiners always check your quality of works and your way of commanding etc. There are a total of 11-12 officers like quality based on which the officers select the candidates.

After the SSBCrack Interview, All the selected candidates will proceed for the Medical Examination at the Military Hospital. Here are the details about the Medical Test.

NDA Exam Medical Test:

It is essential to be fit and healthy to join the Indian Armed forces as an Officer or as a Soldier. In the NDA Medical. The military Doctors will check all your body parts and Internal organs, and they will prepare the report based on that. There are two types of medical rejection in the Armed forces, Permanent Rejection, and Temporary Rejection. The temporary rejection is only given to the candidates who have a minor problem, which can be correct in some time. In this particular case, the Medical Board will provide you with some time to correct that. That time can be 45 days, 90 days, a maximum of 160 days only.

NDA SSB Medical Test

A candidate will have to appear to the Medical Board before the Date. You will appear for the re-medical Examination, if you are fit, you can join the academy, and if not, you will get a permanent rejection, and there is no way to get back. The permanent rejection is given on the spot if you have any serious problem that cannot be corrected, or it may take a year or more to get correct. In this case, you will get permanent rejection if you get a continuous dismissal from the service. You can apply for the re-medical Examination to the medical Board.

Before starting preparation for the NDA Exam. Collect the proper details about the examination and SSB details etc.

FAQs NDA SSB Interview Details

How can I prepare for SSB?

Basically, the Service Selection Board is an organization that is focused on assessing the candidates, with certain required criteria, and then encourages the able one to become officers into the Indian Armed Forces. For SSB preparation, candidates are expected to read a newspaper and gather different SSB preparation books as well like Pratiyogita Darpan’. Candidates can also try to focus on SSB preparation online as the internet provides complete guidelines for the preparation.

Can I crack SSB in first attempt?

There are many SSB tips and tricks to clear SSB in the first attempt. It is a fact that even average students can crack SSB with their dedication and passionate behavior. It is not a criterion that the candidates have to be intellectually enriched to crack this exam. Yes, though it is a fact that SSBCrack success stories in the first attempt are rare but not impossible. With sheer dedication and inclination towards learning would help the candidates to crack it in the first attempt.

What is SSB Crack Exam?

Service Selection Board Examination is basically established by the Ministry of defense, India in order to screen candidates for the Indian Army. SSB exam is probably the most exclusive online portal defense examination. Yes, it is true that this examination appears to be a difficult one but studying online and seeking help from SSBCrack exam app would be helpful.

When SSB interview is conducted?

SSB interview process is basically focused on personality tests including the presence of mind and intelligence. The interview is a five days long process which has two important stages. This is basically conducted in SSB centers which are already designed by SSB. The SSB interview dates usually take place somewhere in July. To find out SSB interview dates 2020, you can check it out on the internet as there is plenty of information including the guidelines.