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What is AFCAT?

The AFCAT is Air Force Common Admission Test. It is an entrance test, which is conducted by the Indian Air force. The AFCAT Exam is done with the help of C-DAC. This examination is conducted for aspirants who are willing to be a part of the prestigious organization called the Indian Air Force. This is undertaken to seek better officials for Technical Ground duty and non-technical ground duty. The AFCAT Exam has two categories called AFCAT and EKT that are just for technical branches. Eventually, the AFCAT Exam is conducted twice a year by the Indian Army across the country.

What is AFCAT Exam?

AFCAT is not just an examination but a dream for every Indian. Anyone who is capable and passionately wants to be a part of this respectable and prestigious organization needs to take part in this examination. The AFCAT Exam is a written exam which is conducted by Indian Air force twice in a year. For candidates who are shortlisted proceeds for Air force Selection Board Interview just after the written examination.

The AFCAT Exam offers you the opportunity to apply for the main three branches of IAF including flying branch, technical branch, and ground duty branch. Factually, the eligibility criteria for different branches vary from one to another. It is a fact that both men and women can apply for this branch. Apart from that, for women specifically, there is a short service commission only in three of the branches. But, for men, there is permanent as well as a short service commission. Now, if you do clear the written Exam and also the AFSB, then you could get the golden opportunity to be a part of the Indian Force Academy. Here, in this blog, you can also read about the various details related to AFCAT Exam.

How can I prepare for AFCAT 2020?

If you are preparing for AFCAT Exam Preparation it is reasonable to feel nervous, and panic sometimes. For flying post and ground duty, the Indian Air force conducts this recruitment exam. The AFCAT Exam is conducted twice in a year, and you must be aware of the fact that the first cycle result of AFCAT Examswas announced on March 17th, 2020. Undoubtedly, this is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of this reputable institution. Though, the first and foremost question that comes across your mind is how I can prepare for AFCAT Exam 2020? You can read more about the points that are given below. Check it out to know more:

For AFCAT Aspirants, it is so much important to concentrate, plan, and then proceed with the whole syllabus. Try to make a proper strategy and develop an overall understanding of the different subjects and topics. Before you begin your preparation for AFCAT Exam make sure you do know in detail the name of your item, date of your Exam, duration of the exams, Number of questions, and maximum marks. Here you can read some of the critical points related to the AFCAT Exam Pattern. Read to know more!

General Awareness is an important and a scoring subject for AFCAT Exam. You must go through the current affairs, for not less than 3-4 months thoroughly. As this is a scoring subject, this could help you to increase your overall percentage. Apart from that, another issue is a numerical ability that is focused on clarifying different concepts and topics like age, partnership, compound interest, simple interest, and trains. This is a less-time consuming but scoring subject. For AFCAT Exam,

English is another important subject in which you are expected to know about the idioms, synonyms, and antonyms. Another paper is of reasoning; you must have a clear understanding of different topics like 3D Rotation images, 2D, Paper Folding, Cube, and mirror images. Apart from this, you are supposed to check out the question papers of previous years that could help you to develop a better understanding of the question pattern.

How to apply for AFCAT?

AFCAT Exam 2020 is conducted basically in two stages, the first is a computer-based test, and the next is SSB Interview. The candidates who clear the above two steps are called for medical tests. The process of applying for AFCAT Exam is not complicated; you can check out the ways to do it:

  • At first, you are supposed to go to the official language of IAF
  • After that, you are expected to click on the link of AFCAT Exam application form
  • You are supposed to fill in the required details
  • Then, you are supposed to submit your application fees
  • The submission fees are 250rs

This is how you can apply for AFCAT Exams Details. Apart from that, it would help if you noticed that there are no registration fees for the candidates who have applied for NCC Special entry and meteorology entry.


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