Privacy Policy

Knowing privacy policies are an essential part of both you and us. If you have questions and queries about anything, you are free to communicate with us with our helplines by email or any other contact form. The privacy of our loyal visitors is of the utmost importance to us. The privacy policy of contains the following type of information and documents in it –

The information collected – You, as a user of the website and the company’s owner, are bonded by a legal agreement. When you accept the privacy policies and look over the information that you voluntarily provide to the website. The privacy policy will also inform you of how the site will collect and use the info provided to us and, in some cases, even share them for specific purposes. Though the company policies do not necessarily apply to third party sites which are linked to our website. These might be different from others, and you should always be careful about every word when you are reading them. Usually, you have the liberty to visit the website and not reveal any personal information. If you do choose to register, for which you to be at least 13 years of age we will collect information such as the ones that you want to reveal to us when you fill the registration form, or info such as your email id which you enclose to us if you decide to write to us directly. Also, some info when and if you choose to write on the blogs we publish. Some information, like IP address, domain or .in, etc. and the date and time that you enter the site on, it may also give you the info of what browser you are using to access the website. Some other same type of info is also collected via log entries, which is registered to your browser when you try to access the site. The user’s identity or their browsing history are not revealed unless an authorized agency has a warrant that they can exercise to inspect the logs.

Personal and non-personal information – Personal information relating to points such as the name of the user, location and email address, or any other such information is given at the registration form by one’s discretion. These are the only personal information collected by the site which they use for replying to inquiries, solving user problems, and requesting additional info. The company of the site will not reveal or sell this valuable information to a third party. All necessary steps and precautions are taken to safeguard the information provided by the users. A few ways the site may collect information from the visitors are when the user visits the website and when they register, when and if they choose to place an order, subscribe to the daily newsletter or if they respond to surveys and fill related forms. Users also have the liberty to decide to visit the site anonymously, and they don’t have to reveal any information unless they register themselves. Some non-personal information can also be collected from the users. Non-personal information includes the name of the browser used to access the site and the IP address, the user’s internet connection providers name and some other information, none of which is revealed to any third party organization.

Use of collected info – All the information collected from the site visitors are used for the below-listed purposes:

  • The various information collected from our users are used to better our customer services and respond to the service requests and support and solve the issues in the best way possible.
  • We use the information to make our site is more personalized and to understand how our customers, as a group, are thinking about the experience on the website.
  • The feedback that we receive from the visitors is very dear to the company, and we use them to improve our interface so that the users can get precisely what they are looking for.
  • The personal information, like name, address, etc., provided to us, are used when the customer wants to place an order and only gives you the optimum and accurate result. The information is not revealed to any third party unless needed for the service.
  • The email address that the visitors give to us are used to send periodic emails about the website and notify them about recent updates. Email ids may also be used to reply to various inquiries and questions or requests that users may have regarding anything. If the user wants to unsubscribe themselves from the mailing list, the due procedure will also be given to them.

Security – Your safety is in your own hands, as much as it is in ours. All security measures are duly taken to safeguard all the information provided to us by our users. Still, it is their responsibility too to preserve the ID and the password of their account and not reveal this information to anyone. All reasonable steps are taken from the company’s side to protect every small to significant, personal to non-personal information that is given to the company by the users. There are no methods of transmission of data happening over the internet that is 100% secure. So, while all the necessary steps are always taken, the company does not assume liability for the disclosure of information. This takes place while error in the transmission of data, or third party disturbances, or access or for reasons that are beyond the control of the company unless it takes place due to our negligence. If we discover any breach or default, the company takes appropriate action. It informs the user to take necessary safety steps and to ensure there is no breach, and all the information is safe and secure