Indian Army TGC Entry Selection Process

Indian Army has many entries to join the service as an officer or as a Soldier. Here we will talk about the technical graduate course Entry of the Indian Army. Here the TGC stands for Technical Graduates Course. Through this entry, one can become an engineer in the technical branch of the Indian Branch.  The Indian Army has mainly three branches which are ground duty which is also known as Front line, Technical Branch and Flying Branch, etc.

Through this entry, A candidate can join Technical Branch only. Let’s see the complete details of the Indian Army technical graduate course entry required eligibility Criteria to apply for the vacancy and then we will see the selection process etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Technical Graduate Course

All the candidate who is technical graduate like who have done B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) or (Bachelor of Technology) are eligible to apply for this.  The age of the candidate must be at least 21 years old to apply for this and it should not be less than 27 years old on the date of commencement of the course. Age Limit: (21 to 27 years old).

There is no relaxation has been given to any candidate regarding the caste, community or religion, etc. In order to check the relaxation criteria, you must check the Notification of TGC (Technical Graduate Course) Entry.

There are some limited streams also. A candidate who has pursued B.E or in these particular Streams are eligible to apply for this.

  • Civil (including mining/ construction)
  • Electrical or Electrical & Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Automobile/Workshop Technology
  • Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace/Ballistics/Avionics
  • Food Tech/BioTech/Bio-Medical Engg
  • Chemical Engg
  • Electronics & Telecom/Telecommunication/Electronics & Comm/Satellite Comm.
  • Metallurgy & Explosives/Metallurgical Engg
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Engg/Industrial Engg & Mgt/Production
  • Electronics/Opto Electronics/Fibre Optics/Micro Electronics & Microwave
  • Electronics & Instrumentation/Instrumentation
  • Architecture/ Building Constr Technology
  • Computer Sc & Engg/Computer Technology/Info Tech / M.Sc
  • Computer Sc

These are the streams that are allowed in the service. Now let’s see the Selection Process of TGC entry of the Indian Army and after this, we will discuss the medical test criteria and requirements, etc.

Selection Process of Indian Army TGC Entry

The Selection Process of TGC (Technical Graduate Entry) is completely different from the officer’s or engineer’s entry. Most of the entries in the Indian Army to become an officer or Engineer, one will need to clear three phases of selection which is consist of a Written Exam, SSB Interview, and Medical test, etc.

In the TGC entry, There is no Written Exam, the Selection is purely based on the SSB Interview. The shortlisting of the candidate for the SSB Interview will be done through the Graduate Degree. After the submission of the application form, Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of the marks scored in degree.  In short, The selection will be like:

  • Shortlisting of the candidate through the mark sheet.
  • SSB Interview
  • Medical Test etc.

In order to get shortlisted for the Indian Army technical graduate course Entry, SSB Interview one will need to score better in the graduation at least 55%. The cutoff marks always go higher than last year. To get details about the Cutoff marks, you can check the official website of the Indian Army and check the last year’s cutoff marks. To join the service, one will need to be medically and physically fit. Now let’s see the details about the medical requirement in Indian Army TGC Entry 2020.

Medical and Physical Criteria

To join the Indian Army service, A candidate will need to fit and fine.  The body should not carry any disease that may affect your duty in the future. In the medical examination. The candidate’s complete body will be examined by the Experienced Military Doctors at the Armed forces hospital. A minor problem in the medical exam can cause temporary rejection. There are some physical requirements also like Height, Weight, and chest, eyesight, etc. Here are the details about this:

  • Minimum Height 157cm.
  • Chest expansion 5cm.
  • There is some relaxation in height. But it is only for the candidates who belong to Manipur or hilly area. To get details about this, check the official website of the Indian Army technical graduate course Entry 2020 Notification.
  • The eyesight must be 6/6 with or without glasses.
  • An eye correction surgery is allowed but there are some criteria for this like, It should not be done before the age of 20 years old. And only one-time surgery is allowed to correct the vision.

Remember, medical tests always plays an important role in the selection. Make sure that you are fit and fine to apply for this vacancy. It hurts badly when you clear all the stages of selection and later get rejected in Medicals.

Indian Army TGC Entry in 2020

This is the best entry for the candidate who is freshly graduates and eligible for the entry. They must apply for this. After the successful selection. A candidate will have training at the Indian Military Academy for at least 22 weeks. After the training, they will get posted as an officer on the rank of Lieutenant.

While training, All the expenses of the candidate will be bear by the Academy and they will get paid some amount every month as a Stipend. The Salary, Allowances, and other benefits are the best in the service and it is almost impossible to get that facilities and salary in any other private sector or semi-government sector.

In 2020 as well as 2020 onwards. The Indian Army will be always the best option to join. You get a chance to serve the nation. The lifestyle of the officers is just way better than any person who is working in any other sector.  So, this is all about the technical graduate course entry of the Indian Army. If you are planning for this, Prepare yourself better.


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