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The world’s second-largest standing army, Indian Army stands at a different and elevated pedestal because of all the right reasons. The privileged and classified forces are the most massive land-based armed forces. The disciplined organization believes and strives to safeguard and protect the interest of the country at the borders. It engages an individual to live a disciplined, edifying, and productive lifestyle. It is a dream of every Indian to be a part of this prestigious, esteemed, and reputable organization that allows you to serve your nation. Now, you might wonder about how to join Indian Army? Reading this blog might be useful for you, as it briefly explains the different eligibility criteria to be a part of the Indian Army. Try to read this blog to know more about how to join Indian Army?

Ways to join Indian Army: Stepwise Procedure 

Officer Selection Process

  • At first, you are supposed to open the official website of the Indian Army
  • Now, the page opens, the candidates are supposed to enter the CAPTCHA
  • Then, select where you are supposed to choose ‘’officers entry/apply login.’’
  • In case, you are a new user; you are required to click on the ‘register’ button
  • After that, fill in the confidential and then create your new account
  • As soon as you are done with the above-given steps, you must enter your id that has been registered and password to access your account
  • You are expected to fill in the details in a proper format
  • As soon as the verification is done, you must click on the submit button

How to join Indian Army through Rally Recruitment?

The Indian Army Rally Recruitment jobs could be easily applied via various open recruitment rally including Soldier General Duty, Soldier Technical, Store Keeper Technical, Soldier Nursing Asstt, Soldier Tradesman and Sol Clerk. For more details, the interested candidates could check out at a nearby Army recruiting office or if possible at Headquarter Recruiting Zone. Here are several documents that one has to carry as a reporting candidate. Check this out:

  • Certificate of class 10 along with DOB that is the date of birth
  • Mark sheet of Xth and XIIth class
  • Character Certificate signed by the Village Sarpanch
  • Certification of Domicile/Nativity issued by the official Government authorization
  • Caste Certification must be issued or authorized by Government official
  • There is a relationship criterion, in case of certification

If the son of the soldier has served in Army or is an ex-servicemen or war widow SRO or CRO must issue it. It must include the record number, serial number, name, application of the officer who has signed the certification

  • As an outstanding sportsman, there must be a relevant certification
  • Certificates of National Cadet Corps (NCC) and A/B/C certification is held signed by Battalion Commander

How to Join Indian Army after class 12th?

How to join Indian Army after the completion of class 12 is a big question that needs to be answered. Here are the details including the most important eligibility criteria. As soon as students are done with their 12th, they are the eligible candidate to join the Indian Army though there are certain criteria they have to fulfill. After the candidates are done with class 12, they can join the Army through NDA. Once you are done with the 12th, one can join the National Defense Academy (NDA). This could be another possible way to be a part of the Indian Armed Forces Joint Services Academy. The students are expected to clear the NDA Exam, which is conducted by UPSC. Candidates who qualify these exams are named SSB, which means Services Selection Board. After the interview, the candidates are selected for the National Defense Academy.

Eligibility Criteria

Here’s a standard list of eligibility criteria for the National Defense Academy. Check this out:

  • The candidates or aspirants applying for this must-have passed 10+12
  • Candidates who are appearing for the class 12th examination are eligible too

The National Defense Academy is held twice in a year. It is conducted by UPSC in almost all the major cities of the country.

Training Methods

The candidates basically receive complete three-year training at National Defense Academy. Also, they get a chance to be a part of one-year training at the Indian Military Academy. Though, before you want to know more about How to join Indian Army? You must also know about the commissions related to it.

Permanent Commission

Certain Criteria for permanent commission, you can read about it here. You must serve the Armed Forces until your retirement day without any hesitation. Early Retirement could be your plan too. Under the Permanent Commission, you could enter the office-grade just after your high-school, graduation or engineering graduation

Short-Service Commission (SSC)

As per its name, it is a shorter service in the process to protect or defend the country. It eventually has a basic contract of 10 years, which could be possibly extended to 4 years and demands proper medical checks. There are other ways too, such as through graduation or non-UPSC Entry. There are some other ways to be part of the Indian Army also such as through

  • Army Cadet College wing
  • Permanent Commission Special List
  • Special Commissioned officers

These are some of the answers to how to join Indian Army? You can read this blog to learn more about this topic in detail. You can read this blog to understand the subject thoroughly.

FAQs How to Join Indian Army?

How can I join Indian Army?

Joining the Indian Army is always a dream for youth. To be a part of this vast, diverse, and extraordinary institution, you must be courageous, enthusiastic, and thrilling. Apart from this, there are specific other eligibility criteria as well that a candidate has to fulfill. The entire procedure is diverse and demands immense patience and knowledge. If you want to know the ways to how to join the Indian Army? You can read more about it on the internet in depth with minor and significant details.

What are the qualifications to join Indian Army?

Apart from courage, enthusiasm, and knowledge if a candidate wishes to be a part of the Indian Army, he or she has to be eligible as per the criteria. There are specific compulsory and prerequisite qualifications and standards, one has to fulfill. You can get more and comprehensive information on the internet. Chase your passion and seek your answers to the question of how to join Indian Army?

What is the Indian Army?

Headquartered in the National Capital, New Delhi, and functioning under the Chief of Army Staff, Indian Army is the land-based branch of the Indian Armed forces. The motive of this organization is to grant and ensure national security and national unity. The main purpose is to safeguard the nation from any external threats, internal aggression or any danger. The idea is to flourish peace, security, unity within the border. It is almost a dream of every Indian to serve the nation by joining the Indian Army. But, to be a part of this extraordinary organization, the candidate must seek proper information and knowledge about it. To know more about how to join Indian Army? You can read more about it on the internet as there is plenty of information available.


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